Loopsturn  For Groups


Loopsturn – For Groups generates unique and intelligent rides for groups of people. The application creates and structures a day of activity and discovery. Ideal solution for association and corporate seminar, we organize tours specific to the identity of your structure. 

A value for your customer experience

We have been working on urban tourism in big cities for years. We have therefore developed an expertise that today allows us to create tailor-made products for companies wishing to improve the visiting experience of their customers.

We work with hotels, tourist offices, event agencies etc…


For Groups 

We work with Student Associations

Thanks to the Loopsturn – For Groups application, we generated tailor-made sightseeing tours for 8 groups of 50 students for a total of 400 students.

Through these visits, students discover the surroundings of their campus, get to know each other, exchange ideas and have fun together. We have also created workshops that we have integrated into the tours such as aperitif workshops, challenge workshops, culture workshops etc. 


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