Discover Paris with Loopsturn

The Loopsturn mobile app generates your free rides, for the major cities covered by the system (Paris)! Through the app, discover places and events that might please you, in the form of a fun ride, only created for you. To do this, simply fill in your desires, needs and constraints, then choose the loop adapted to your request. Be guided by our navigation system that will accompany you throughout your ride, giving you information on the places visited. Loopsturn allows you to optimize your visit by organizing your courses in the proposed cities.

The proposed venues are added and validated by our teams to offer only quality addresses. Establishments classified historical heritage but also atypical places, underground and more unknown. The artificial intelligence offers you YOUR ideal ride, in the form of a series of places and events, connected by different types of transport, according to your request (scooters, bikes, subways). Much more than a guide, the mobile application offers a system that will accompany you every step of your loop. Between general information and small anecdotes, learn while enjoying. Finally, enjoy tourist statistics, number of kilometers traveled, calories burned and time dedicated to your visits. Loopsturn, ecological and intelligent, it's your perfect companion!