La rue Crémieux


When well-inspired inhabitants decide to cheer up their street with one voice, it gives a glimpse of colorful houses, like those on rue Crémieux. A few meters from the Gare de Lyon, this cobblestone street, frequented by cats and curious alike, is adorned with pastel shades ranging from blue to yellow and rose, but not only! Some residents have gone so far as to paint trompe l'oeil on their walls and adorn the sidewalk with hydrangeas, rose bushes or shrubs that give the street its bucolic and unusual charm. During the flood of the Seine in 1910, the level of the river reached 1.75 m at number 8 of the street. A commemorative plaque in faience has since been affixed to the place itself.

Ground control


Installed for three years in the Halle Charolais, former center of postal sorting near the Gare de Lyon, Ground Control is a hybrid and multidisciplinary space where you can eat, drink, share a moment of relaxation, listen to a concert and even garden. In the 4500 m2 of the large covered market, we enjoy specialties from around the globe around large wooden tables. Between Mr. Zhao, Xi'an gastronomic specialties, the Decanter, wine bar, the Nali Table that offers fusion and inspired African cuisine or Chilam, a 100% homemade Mexican, you will not leave on an empty stomach! To bask on a lounger, the incredible 1,500 m2 garden terrace awaits you. In the shade of a tree or in full sun, relaxation guaranteed in a friendly atmosphere. After a well-deserved rest, enjoy a Gally Farms yoga, photo, or urban agriculture awareness workshop. Do not leave without having robbed the ground store, hybrid shop between concept store and cabinet of curiosities that offers a home-made selection including a bookstore, the decor, small and large objects ... And a pop-up store changing the line of seasons.

Eglise Jean Saint Bosco


Dozens of mosaics, a breathtaking interior decoration and a belfry not far from reminding us of the New York Chrysler Building ... That's what the unconventional Saint-Jean Bosco Church offers us, located a few minutes from the Père Lachaise cemetery! We are off to discover this amazing building. An edifice with typically Art Deco accents Built between 1933 and 1937 in the heart of the Charonne district, this religious building remains, 80 years after its completion, very unknown to Parisians. And yet, when we cross the church of St. John Bosco, we can not help but look up to admire, as its architecture surprises and surprises in this popular area! The central tower, 53 meters high, immediately attracts attention. In reinforced concrete, it gives the impression to fit, in a perfect symmetry, with the elements which surrounds it. We particularly appreciate the claustria windows, also in reinforced concrete, as well as the double flight staircase, the simplicity of which is only upset by the statue of Saint John Bosco enthroned in its center. But if the outside attracts the eye, it's really the interior that impresses. After having crossed the imposing door of the high church, you will be able to discover a nave, divided in six bays, which strikes by its height and its zenith lights. There is also a great diversity of decorations, including a dozen stained glass windows and mosaic everywhere, from floor to ceiling. Everything comes to us in warm and golden tones, typical of the Art Deco movement, and in a richness that contrasts sharply with the sobriety of the exterior. We invite you to go for a walk, because the Church of St. John Bosco is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful representations of sacred art of the twentieth century in Paris. The external aspect of the building is also reminiscent of the Raincy Church, one of the first churches built of reinforced concrete!