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For your customer experience in major cities

We have studied urban tourism in major cities and worked with the biggest players in the most visited cities in the world such as the city of Paris. We put our expertise at your disposal to create products that can optimize your customers’ experience in big cities.

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A value for your customer experience

We have been working on urban tourism in big cities for years. We have therefore developed an expertise that today allows us to create tailor-made products for companies wishing to improve the visiting experience of their customers.

We work with hotels, tourist offices, event agencies etc…

Loopsturn CityGuide    For Event

We work with Student Associations

We propose you to make our mobile application Loopsturn CityGuide available to your students by generating and adapting 8 customised sightseeing tours from your campus. Through these sightseeing tours, students will be able to discover the surroundings of their campus, get to know each other, exchange ideas and have fun. We can imagine the creation of many atypical challenges and “stops”!



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