About Us

Loopsturn is a Parisian initiative led by two students, Julian Ivaldy and Romain Penchenat. This initiative aims to optimize the tourist visit in the big cities by proposing a smart, free and ecological solution, to accompany you in the discovery of a city.

It was when Julian Ivaldy arrived in the French capital that the project was born. Wanting to visit Paris, discover its monuments, museums, unusual places and also wishing to participate in its events, Julian wandered regularly on the internet in search of places that would suit his needs. On several occasions, proud of his discoveries, he took his friends with him to discover his finds of the week. Unfortunately, the places were often closed, not adapted to the weather of the day and Julian’s sense of orientation, lost in this big city, made the visit look like a nightmare. No mobile app suited Julian’s needs, no alternative allowed him to intelligently organize a route based on what he wanted to see, while accompanying him during his visit.

The idea of ​​the tourist bus 2.0 was born but it was now necessary to interpret this idea and to arrive at developing a powerful system, answering the needs and constraints of the users.

The meeting between Julian Ivaldy and Romain Penchenat will mark the beginning of the Loopsturn adventure. Thanks to his experience in computer development, Romain directly shared Julian’s vision and was able to interpret the needs from a technological point of view. The two students, complementary and passionate, decided to join forces to create Loopsturn, the perfect companion to visit.

Our Team

Julian Ivaldy

CEO ⎥ Co-Founder

Romain Penchenat

CTO ⎥ Co-Founder 

Sacha Tremelot

Marketing Project Manager